Our Fresh & Quality Meat Products We are passionate about our charcuterie products. Each product line is carefully thought through; each spice and herb is delicately selected; each particular combination is balanced, tested and perfected until we are certain it will have a taste and flavor our customers will approve of and enjoy.

As with all artisan food making, the success of the final product rests in using the highest quality produce and raw food materials. For this reason we take great care to personally select only the choicest meats to be used in our products.

Most of the meat we use comes from a single supplier, a local farmer just 2 miles from our premises in Louth. Our suppliers are our greatest assets and our trusted farmer, also our friend, guarantees we have access to first-rate pigs.

To ensure we do have the best picks, we travel to the farm early on Monday mornings to select the most premium animals. We personally then travel with the animal to the closest slaughter in Lincoln just 25miles way. In this way we can ensure that the meats are fresh, quality controlled, personally selected and approved by us.

The remainder of our meat is sourced from UK growers. British meat and animal welfare standards are the highest in Europe and therefore our decision to use only British meat was the natural and most ethical choice for us at Praise the Lard.

All butchering, hanging, curing, smoking and packaging takes place here in our own premises. This gives us complete control over the preparation of the meat and the processes we use.

We take the same care in selecting only the freshest spices and herbs to create the distinctive tastes we are known for, all whilst using traditional British charcuterie methods to create the premium delicacies our customers love.

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