Allspice and Cloves Salami


We are proud of our allspice and clove creation. We were inspired to create a salami with a rich distinctive flavour that our customers would find hard to forget. In creating it, we tested various combinations of ‘dark spices’ until we found the perfect one: allspice and cloves.

The result was a superb salami with a delicious taste and deep sweet aroma.

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With its distinctive flavour, this salami is sure to impress any guest if you choose to serve it as a starter in a platter. The aromatic combination of allspice and cloves has a deep flavour which is perfect for festive or celebratory occasions. If you are looking for the perfect salami for a Christmas charcuterie platter this salami is the perfect choice.
Approx. weight: 100g, Approx. diameter: 25mm

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