Regarded as a delicacy by even the finest of palates, lardo is a quintessentially Italian creation with a long tradition and history. If you are looking for the choicest inclusion to a platter of fine cheeses and hams, the lardo is the natural choice.

Consider using it in cooking. With its richness of taste and its low melting temperature, lardo is the perfect addition to a stew or pasta sauce.


Product Description

The secret to our lardo is in selecting the right animals to source the fat from. We use the fat off the back of large pigs; this guarantees maximum flavour. We cure the lardo in salt and herbs and then store it until it fully matures. The curing leads to fermentation which breaks down the structures in the fat. This culminates in a smooth silky texture which is just delectable.

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80gm, 400gm, 1000gm


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