Pancetta is a favourite choice for lovers of cured meats. The ham is recognised by its distinct deep flavour. Customers enjoy using our pancetta to add a deep hearty flavour to dishes and stews.

Love it too much?

Then slice it thinly or cut it into small cubes and enjoy it on its own or in combination with a hard cheese.


Product Description

We are known for the quality of our pancetta. The secret to its popularity among our customers lies in ensuring that the best quality meat is used for the curing process. We therefore select the finest Lincolnshire pork bellies to use. We begin by dry curing the pork for 2 weeks and then dry curing it until the pork bellies have lost a minimum 25% of original weight. This ensures a rich flavour that is hard to resist on any charcuterie platter.

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80g, 400g, 1000g


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